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Shinigamie records Label: Cash Bilz - Word Of Mouf(Produced By Kyo Itachi)

New Single of Cash Bilz produced by Kyo Itachi from upcoming album "THE LOST CULTURE" produced by JUPITER A K A (Azaia,Kyo Itachi,Astronote) debut 2016 Shinigamie records stay tuned
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Prime Example (OldSouls): Where Ya At? (prod. PGM)


Produced by PGM
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rhymesayers: Atmosphere - My Best Half

The first time I met my wife was on a Wednesday night, making party in a german bar. Here's a new jam. My Best Half.

Written and produced by Atmosphere with Plain Ole Bill on the wiki wiki.
G Koop on instruments.
Mixed by Dillon at Stop House Studios.
Artwork by Dave Quiggle.
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SkillzVa: 2015 Rap Up Clean Prod By DJ Skizz

Prod by Dj Skizz
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Dr G (uk): Immortal Technique - Street Hustle (Prod By Dr G)

Originally From Domingo's "Most Underrated" album 2007
This here is a exclusive new b side version for 2016 produced by Dr G UK. More info or
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"Fire and Ice", featuring my ASF brother Q-Unique and myself, produced by Dj INSITE, has been sitting on my hard drive for sometime. Thought it was a great time to just share some music i never got around to putting out. Feel free to download, listen and share.
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♛Σ$ⓣε∊ ℕ△☪₭ ➆♛: Estee Nack & Relentless - "Black & White Jesus" Interactive Music Saga (EP)

Estee Nack & Relentless

The biblical story of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest, and most well known stories in written on this project we're not determined to rhetorize or justify whether or not the words of the bible are the actual absolute truth(word of god), or whether or not Jesus the Christ was an ACTUAL person. Upon digesting this record, many will come to find that A. We're just having a f*cking GREAT time with music, and B. when dealing with the words of biblical text and other written or spoken words of men, things may not be so "Black and White", thus, Myself and Relentless assembled this list of songs, rife with biblical references and thematic production(handled mainly by Relentless), to exhibit the different ways one can interpret not only the biblical text, b.u.t. all things in must ALWAYS come back to applying to how YOU cee it at that particular point in time and WHY!...Enjoy and please do share, we appreciate the Support! #BlackAndWhiteJesus #MyAlliesAreTragic
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Blak Madeen: Guerrilla Soldiers (feat. Planet Asia)[prod. The Arcitype]

HipHopDX Premiere:

Boston duo Blak Madeen proudly put their fists in the air with “Guerilla Soldiers,” a gritty new single off their upcoming album, 'Supreme Aftermath,' that features West Coast bully-rap icon Planet Asia.

As soon as the Arcitype’s bruising beat hits your speakers, it’s clear that the track couldn’t have had a better guest than the Cali Agent, Nautical Pirate. His tough-guy raps like “Dump you on your face like a cigarette” provide a snarling dose of bravado that serves as a balancing act. Whereas PA sucker-punches the competition, Blak Madeen’s Al-J and Yusuf Abdul-Mateen stick to dizzying rhymes and slick wordplay (“off the wall like asbestos”).

'Supreme Aftermath' drops January 15th via Rhyme Dawah. Until then, you can stream both “Guerrilla Soldiers,” along with the project’s inaugural leak, “Long Way to Go,” featuring Gift of Gab of Blackalicious fame.

‘Supreme Aftermath’ (Press Release):

01. Supreme Aftermath (prod. by Skin Ced)
02. Mic Divine (feat. Blacastan) [prod. by Teddy Roxpin]
03. Main Attraction (prod. by Sicknature)
04. Long Way To Go (feat. Gift of Gab and Cyrus Deshield) [prod. by The Arcitype]
05. Devil's Shadow (feat. Divine Styler and Rite Hook) [prod. by Skin Ced]
06. Guerrilla Soldiers (feat. Planet Asia) [prod. by The Arcitype]
07. Energetic Darts (prod. by Skin Ced)
08. The Procedure (feat. G. Dot & Born) [prod. by Divine Styler]
09. Blood Of Our Brothers (prod. by Skin Ced)
10. Words In Red (feat. Shabazz the Disciple) [prod. by Skin Ced]
11. The Worst Part (feat. Red Baren) [prod. by Skin Ced]
12. No Surrender (prod. by Skin Ced)
13. Experience the Struggle (prod. by Skin Ced)
14. Where's Justice? (feat. Krumbsnatcha) [prod. by Skin Ced]
*All Cuts by DJ Slipwax

Blak Madeen Online:
• Instagram:
• Facebook:

• Blak Madeen:
• Planet Asia:
• The Arcitype:
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macmediapromo: Beneficence f/ MC Eiht 'Anyway It Goes'(prod. By KON Sci Of MindsOne)

After dropping subterranean classics with Sidewalk Science and Concrete Soul, Brick City veteran Beneficence is back with a new album, Basement Chemistry; which will be released on 1-29-2016 via Ill Adrenaline Records.

Armed with the true sounds of the golden era, Benef drops rejuvenated flows and shares mics with hip-hop's elite lyricists on Basement Chemistry, including Inspectah Deck, Masta Ace, MC Eiht, El Da Sensei, AG, Dres and Chubb Rock among others. Once again the Artifacts affiliate traps the listener into slick, thought provoking rhymes backed by hard hitting yet soulful production from DJ Spinna, Da Beatminerz, Confidence and L'Orange.

The album's formula stays true to the game, official boom-bap, with obscure samples and intricate cuts.

After linking up with east coast stalwarts INS Deck (“Digital Warfare”) & Masta Ace (“When The Sun Comes”), Beneficence heads west to build with MC Eiht on “Anyway It Goes.”

Tracklisting For Beneficiance’s Basement Chemistry:

1. ‘Intro’ (prod. by Sam Brown)
2. ‘EZ As 1-2’ (prod. by P Original)
3. ‘Digital Warfare’ feat. Inspectah Deck (of Wu-Tang Clan) (prod. by Ben Hedibi)
4. ‘Anyway It Goes’ feat. MC Eiht (prod. by KON Sci of MindsOne)
5. ‘Wranglers & Asics’ (prod. by Confidence)
6. ‘Smooth Hardcore’ feat. AG (of D.I.T.C.) (prod. by Jazz Spastiks)
7. ‘Vibrate the Streets’ (prod. by DJ Qvali)
8. ‘Maui Vacation’ (prod. by Malik Turner)
9. ‘Against The Grain’ (prod. by Explizit One)
10. ‘Forever More’ (prod. by 12 Finger Dan)
11. ‘When The Sun Comes’ feat. Masta Ace (prod. by KON Sci of MindsOne)
12. ‘Ghetto Music Rap (We Doin' It)’ (prod. by Confidence)
13. ‘Blast This $hit!’ feat. El Da Sensei (prod. by Da Beatminerz)
14. ‘Each One Teach One’ feat. Estee Nack (of Tragic Allies) (prod. by DJ Spinna)
15. ‘We Got That!’ (prod. by Presto)
16. ‘Masters Of The Class’ feat. Chubb Rock (prod. by Confidence)
17. ‘Manuscripts’ feat. MindsOne (prod. by L'Orange)
18. ‘The Heart’ (prod. by Astro Vandalist)
19. ‘Make It Hot (Jingle Jangle 2.0)’ feat. The Legion & Dres (of Black Sheep) (prod. by The Legion)

For More Information:
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Creative Juices Music: Grand Architect - IDE & Alucard

Newest track in the new Mixtape installment from IDE & Alucard "Grand Architect".
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Urban Waves: Je$u$ - Crimean Ski Resorts Feat. Vasco

Taken from "Lord Have Mercy" by Je$u$, album available at Urban Waves Records &
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