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Mitchell Aimss - The Rundown / My Ninja

Mitchell Aimss double-hitter from the Saran Rap EP out now
'The Rundown' (prod King P Pete)
'My Ninja' (prod X-ray Da Mindbender, Organik Poisons).

Broken Home - Burning World

The first leak off the highly anticipated "ADVANCE CLASSES Part 3" from G.S. ADVANCE. Such a display of masterful massacre is brought to you by Spit Gemz, Eff Yoo, G.S. Advance, and Mitchell Aimss. This poetic form of slaughter is also the second official offering from BROKEN HOME as it's inevitable manifestation as the greatest super group in the history of ya mother. Be sure to cop that ADVANCE CLASSES PT 3 as well as HOME TEAM ADVANTAGE, the debut LP from BROKEN HOME.

Mitchell Aimss - Fatal Fountain

Directed by Mitchell Aimss & Spit Gemz. Shot & Edited by Spit Gemz for Broken Home Films.
July 31, 2014 / 0 comments / Video / Mitchell Aimss

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